Featuring snappy, rave-friendly vocals from Perceive, Mr Cover Up is a raging, tear-out anthem perfectly suited to the dance floor. It builds with soft, washed out melodies but bears all the State Of Mind hallmarks; heavy basslines, contorted synth lines and euphoric crescendos, all of which combine to give the track a unique appeal. German production unit Neonlight provide an excellent remix too, taking all the verve of the original and merging it with much darker, heavier tones.

Also included as part of the single package is dynamic roller ‘Bigger Faster Stronger’ that fuses a far more liquid style with wonderfully catchy, pitched vocal samples, plus a further collaborative effort with Black Sun Empire. ‘Unconscious’, which will be available for free via State Of Mind’s official Facebook page here* right up until the date of official release, is a charging blend of hard-edged styles that, like Mr Cover Up, feels ideally suited to the club.