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3 Years of Blackout

Blackout Music has established itself during the past three years as Holland’s main supplier of heavy and dark Drum & Bass. Led by Drum & Bass pioneers Black Sun Empire, Blackout was established to connect their experience with music distribution and event organization under one strong brand. During the past 3 years, Blackout has published over 30 releases from various artist and organized numerous events at home and abroad, hoping to build a home for all who have a strong love for this energy-driven, hard, melodic and a little crazy Drum & Bass music.

The album ” 3 Years of Blackout ‘ is a true milestone of Blackout’s work from the past three years. The album will consist of earlier released Blackout tracks remixed by artist associated with Blackout, like Audio, Misanthrop, Current Value and of course Blackout’s own Black Sun Empire, Pythius, Neonlight and Telekinesis. Expect an album full of heavyweight bass lines , technical highlights and subtle melodies. The album ‘3 Years of Blackout’, which consist of 10 remixes and two VIPs , will be released on June 17, 2016