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A1: Misanthrop - Capitalism B1: Misanthrop - Rock'N'Roll..
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CD 1 State of Mind - Eat The Rich CD 2 State of Mind - Eat The Rich DJ Mix 01: State Of Mind - Ghosts (Ft. MC Dino) 02: State Of Mind & NYMFO - Put It On 03: State Of Mind - Danse Macabre 04: State Of Mind & BSE & Codebreaker - Long Time Dead 0..
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State Of Mind - Eat The Rich - Part 1 Vinyl
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A1: State Of Mind & Percieve - Mr. Cover Up B1: State Of Mind - No-Opertative C1: State Of Mind - Fast Life D1: State Of Mind & Black Sun Empire - Unconscious..
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A1: Telekinesis - Fight Club ft. Coppa B1: Telekinesis - Bias..
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