Rido & Mefjus - Optimum Trajectory

Posted by Milan 01/06/2015 0 Comment(s) Releases,

Combining the hard-edge dancefloor sensibilities of Mejus’s rugged bassline science and breakbeat programming with Rido’s cinematic musicality and ear for melodic and harmonic ideas, the Optimum Trajectory EP is an almost game changing event for Blackout. Using clipped, powerful, cybertronic drums, to power the tunes forward along with neuro reese basslines that topple a skyscraper, Mefjus and Rido have created a cogent four player that will – hyperbole aside – literally melt your entire head.

Retro, sci-fi tones and evocative pads swim up from the depths of the futuristic, post – apocalyptic hell-scape during the intro’s and breakdowns acting as the calm before the storm, ushering in the Four Horsemen, personified in low-end pressure and rhythmical badassery. The combination of two producers working at the top of their games, complimenting each other so perfectly is a wonder to behold, once more proving how great collaboration at the highest levels can be, with the end product being so much more than the sum of its already immense parts

With his Emulations LP wowing all and sundry at the end of last year, Mefjus continues his upwards trajectory, proving – along with a handful of contemporaries – why this new phase of neuro is possibly the most exciting strand of electronic music in the world at the minute with his influential sound design, bass line wizardry and drum programming can heard gracing many a copy cats tunes, whilst Rido, three ‘Headz releases deep into his burgeoning career shows himself, once again, as one to watch.