Misanthrop - I Need More

Posted by Milan 19/04/2015 0 Comment(s) Releases,

Releasing under the moniker Misanthrop since 2002, Michael Braüninger’s music reflects a foreboding sense of darkness, something that has been prevalent in his previous releases with the likes of Critical Recordings, Neosignal and Subtitles. Misanthrop has utilised unfamiliar ways to push the envelope of his twisted, sinister sound for new EP ‘I Need More’ – scheduled for release via Blackout NL on May 3rd.

Opening with ‘Big Data’, Braüninger feeds industrial bass through mechanised bleeps. After fully starting the track’s inner machine, ‘Big Data’ then expands into a flurry of hyperactive breaks and driving low-end, rarely relenting intensity throughout. The automated refrain on ‘Capitalism’ reflects the stark coldness of Misanthrop’s work, before unleashing an onslaught of off-beat breaks to display Braüninger’s deft, often unpredictable production style. The uncompromising percussive patterns of the title track push this idea, flowing perfectly without ever feeling conventional.

The discordant rising synths of ‘I Need More’ pave the way for ‘Rock’n’Roll’, a more familiar tear-out drum & bass track, bolstered by pummelling percussive flourishes and flashes of distortion throughout. This closing track proves Misanthrop’s ‘I Need More’ EP caters for all corners of drum & bass, without ever bending to the genre’s conventions.

Gaining support from the likes of Skrillex, Goldie, Skream, Alix Perez and more, Misanthrop has spent his 13 year career carving a sound that is wholly realised in this latest release. Brutal, uncompromising and inherently forward thinking, ‘I Need More’ is available on Beatport April 19th  and then worldwide from May 3rd.