Mindscape - Phantoms

Posted by Milan 30/08/2015 0 Comment(s) Releases,

Holland’s Blackout label continues its hi-tech assault on dancefloors around the world with the latest artist gracing its hallowed roster, Mindscape, releasing a four track clutch of club bangers that combine the labels razor sharp, techy-neuro aesthetic with the stripped back, chunky, techno influenced sound the Hungarian producer and Budapest resident has carved out over the last decade.

With turbo charged, head nod inducing drums firing on all cylinders combining with oppressive sub bass pressure, nose bleed reese’s, hypnotic techo refrains and melodic flourishes that set the producer apart from his more dissonant peers, Midscape’s Phantoms EP hits harder, moves faster and sings louder than most everything on the market at the moment.

The EP kicks off in fifth gear with the electrifying One Sound and number that sees the central European producer collaborate with a Rhyme Time channelling Kryptomedic on a beastly number that combines a swung classic 2-step drum beat with a knocking bassline that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on London’s dubstep dance floors in the mid-00s.

The 4th utilises entrancing vocal hooks over dancing electronica melodics whilst a ripping bassline weaves between the note stabs and drum hits like slippery eel, whereas Phantoms sees the producer flex his muscles and creative juices with a more esoteric sound palette that introduces a set of organic sounding elements that juxtapose with the intimidating synthetic sound design in a frighteningly inventive and sublime manner.

The EP majestically closes with Bloodhound a peak time dancefloor destroying bomb who rude boy bassline science is presisely calibrated for maximum collateral damage, with alien synth melodies slithering around a grimey brass approximations and 90s ambient techno atmospheric treatments, in short – its all that good shit shaken together into a rave ready smoothy that just hits all the right spot at exactly the right time.