Evolutions, Vol. 1

Posted by Milan 13/11/2015 0 Comment(s) Releases,

A new breed of release emerges from the depths of BLACKOUT with the EVOLUTIONS VOL.1 EP. Spawned in deep bass pressure, at the level of which very few organisms can survive and only the strongest rise up from. The Evolutions series introduces upcoming producers into the Blackout fold such as AGRESSOR BUNX, KHRONOS and PROXIMA alongside the tried and tested CONCEPT VISION & SEGMENT, who graced Blackout with their Meteor EP back in 2014. This first volume demonstrates the intense focus of the label in refining only the most advanced and evolved tracks for the series, from producers around the globe with capable kinetic vision.

Ukranian duo Agressor Bunx open up with their track TOMMY GUN, which performs its assault with relentless waves of distorted synth carried by stripped down but tight percussion. Dutch producer Khronos delivers a sleek and bleak piece with THE HEAVY, setting the mood from the outset with glittering arpeggios and a despair-laden vocal sample, before hitting heavily with a slew of rolling percussion and gnarly reece work. The precision of UK producer Proxima’s percussion is immediately clear in APOLLO which is easily the track with the most bounce across the EP – heavy but playful, with real funk attitude. Russian producers Segment & Concept Vision open EXECUTED with sleek Sci-Fi prettiness and refined atmosphere that transitions smoothly into a sharply executed Tech beast that weaves between beauty and power