Current Value - Rocket Science

Posted by Milan 25/09/2015 0 Comment(s) Releases,

Current Value has been extremely busy recently putting out a slew of well received releases under his Machine Code guise in partnership with Dean Rodell, as well as releasing a number of tunes under his own name.

His latest EP, and without a doubt, his most accomplished comes in the form his Rocket Science EP for Black Sun Empire’s now institutional Blackout imprint –DNB’s most forward thinking, peerless and explosive label operating at the moment.

Current Value advances on his signature, chunky, analogue sounding, technoid and CV bending noiseporn, slotting his futuristic sound neatly within Blackout’s carefully curated, dancefloor destroying fold, tempering some of his more ‘out there’ tendencies to create a streamlined, focused collection of mind altering neuro meets techstep bangers.

External influences pepper the tunes with techno type sequences punctuating the rude bassline sciences, whilst trip hop type ambiences scurry up from the depths to combine with his Berlin influenced dubwise, Basic Channel type stabs and simple melodic riffery.

Pulverized unites morphing bell like tones with scratchy vocal like synthesis, brutal basslines, computer speak arps and tastefully sequenced drum tracks, whilst Mastication takes a more minimal approach, combining powerful clipped drums with rugged reese basslines and dubby, filter swept techno chords.
Rocket Science opens with swathes of horror movie pad strings and insectoid sequences before elbowing its way onto the dancefloor with impact booms of sub bass pressure, synths that seem to be ripping out your soul and tastefully designed hi-end riffs, whereas closing number Contact sees Current Value at his most old school sounding, combining classic 2-step type beats with a future gazing, classic jump up type bassline – that has been encrusted in filth – with transcendent 90s style pads, whilst subtle breaks, residing in the background, sprinkle a little bit of rhythmic fairy dust magic into the mix.