Telekinesis, the collaborative force of innovative and forward-thinking Slovenian artists Smooth and Markoman, release their highly anticipated new EP “Judgement Day” on July 1, 2013. The five-track EP will be released via Blackout, the quickly expanding brainchild label of Black Sun Empire.

Fresh off of their remixes for Black Sun Empire’s “Inpeak” and “All Is Lost,” and gaining momentum from their last venture “The Nightwalkers” EP (which received widespread support from the likes of Optiv, Pendulum and Ed Rush), this fiery installment is set to raise Telekinesis’ profile further. Already hailed by Crissy Cris, Excision and Amon Tobin, “Judgement Day” is a dark foray through the realms of drum and bass. From the dark bombast of the title track to the blinding fury of “Diablo,” the EP is packed with heavy flow and swooping drops.