BLACKOUT make a bold statement with their 50th release, in the form of an intricate and carefully poised pair of blinding tunes from RIDO with SAY IT LOUD and LIAR (feat. Optiv). The mournful but epic tone of the title track, SAY IT LOUD is laced with a powerful oldschool rave sensibility both in the vocals that lead it, and the choice of lowkey frenetic breaks. But once it drops it opens out with an entirely modern and colourful, heavy stride. LIAR opens with an understated and warm tone, infused with a retrofuturistic glow coated in futurist suspense. The fast-paced, minimal breaks upon which it rides are interspersed with lean swathes of distortion and punctuated by the filtered beauty of its lead, arranged with a keen sense of suspense and unleashed energy.

SAY IT LOUD and LIAR stand as a pair of tracks with both absolutely current but timeless sensibility, resulting in a staggeringly effective pair of bangers that will certainly be powering the dance for some time to come.